emPower a Village

“emPower a Village” is a program to propel a remote village into the 21st century by providing electric power to every home, outdoor lighting for safety , clean drinking water, refrigeration for food and medicine and access to Internet and computers. All of this is powered by Solar in a 100% clean and renewable basis.

The program addresses specific needs of the homes and the village and provides affordable and self sustained solutions:

  • Solar DC Power Box for all homes
  • Solar Outdoor Lights
  • Solar Powered Community Centre

Power for every home

The extremely affordable and versatile SGE-12 sereis of DC Box solution fulfils the basic requirements of a small home in a village.




SGE-1210 SGE-1220 SGE-1230
Battery 12v 7Ah Sealed 12v 12Ah Sealed 12v 18Ah Sealed
Solar Panel 10W 20W 30W
LED Bulbs 2 4 6
FM Radio Yes Yes Yes
Accessories Solar Panel Cable, Cell Phone Charging Cable



Outdoor Lighting

Safety and security during night time is a major concern of a village. emPower a Village

addresses this by offering small solar lighting solutions with integrated and external solar panels

    • Outdoor LED Lighting systems
    • Intelligent lighting with built-in light and motion sensors
    • Integrated panel design with no wires


Community Centre

A community centre or school is the heart of a village. emPower a Village ensures that basic services are provided in the centre for the entire village to use.

  • Solar Powered Water Filtration
    • 6 gallons per minute of clean water
    • Works with different water intake sources like rivers, lakes, ponds, water tanks etc.
    • Includes Ultraviolet Disinfection System and Carbon Block Filtration System
  • Refrigerator for food and medicine
  • Desktop computers for learning
  • Internet via satellite
  • Satellite TV




  • 9131 Keele Street, Suite A4, Vaughan, ON, L4K 0G7, Canada
  • info@solargridenergy.ca
  • +1.888.743.4621